Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer = Pool Time

Here we are again, two weeks have slipped by and I haven't updated the blog.  

The week of the 4th our neighbor Andrew's daycare was closed so he came over to play for a few days.  Elle was loving having a playmate that could walk and talk.  No offense to her little sister, but she is only fun for short spurts.  Soon they will be excellent playmates...I hope!

Finley and Hadley came over for some pool fun and lunch.  Andrew and Finley are only one year apart and they used to go to the same daycare.  Elle tried to keep up with the "big boys".

Everyone took a turn on the trampoline.  It looks like Elle was getting trampled, but they were taking turns "bouncing" each other.

Elise was trying to stay cool while watching the big kids run around.

After lunch, everyone got to pick a color of frosting and frost their own cupcake.

Hadley was concentrating...

I think Andrew had more sprinkles than frosting.  HA!

We hit our pool again after was a hot day!

Onto the 4th of July festivities.
Amy and I woke up early to run the 5k Firecracker in Menomonie.  It was a HOT, HOT morning.  Dave and the girls woke up to cheer me on.  It was nice to see them at the end of the race!  Dave was surprised how many people raced and the number of people spectating.  

After some lunch at Adam/Amy's we headed home for naps and then off to our next gathering.  We once again joined the Market family on Lake Altoona.  They are always so welcoming and allow us to crash in on their holiday party! 

We snapped a quick family picture of the 4 of us...doesn't happen often.

Patrick and Elise were bonding...

Elle was loving those poppers?!?  I don't know what they are called, but those white things that snap/pop when they hit the ground.  She thought they were pretty cool!

Coach Rueber had a game of crochet?!? going.

Once it was dark, we headed out on the pontoon for fireworks put on by the one and only Dan Market.  His fireworks are comparable to any that I have seen!!  Thanks for a great show!

Finley and Hadley had dropped off Elle's birthday present early and Elle just HAD to try the kite.  We had been waiting for a "windy" day.  It was windy, but we needed a larger space to run.  Maybe we need to bring it to a park.

Elle and Elise would live outside if we let them.  Elle would live on her swings if we let her...

This 3 year old is FEARLESS!!!!  Look at how high she wants to go and doesn't get

More hot temps...more pool time!  No, he didn't throw her in.

With multiple warm days in a row, the pool water got warm and Elise joined in the fun.  She prefers her warm bath water!

One of Elle's new tricks is "jumping" off the side of the pool...

Makes a nice splash!

It was time to upgrade our solo burley for a two-seated.  We headed to a local bike shop and traded in the solo.  The girls are ready for camping!

Adam and Amy invited us to a beach (a little Door County practicing).  Elise only wanted her toes in at first.

The kids enjoyed the warm weather, sand and water.  They would dig in the sand, splash in the water....repeat!

We made a make-shift tent for Elise to escape the sun, but she quickly found the sand.

Gotta love those (dirty) baby fingers!

It was a warm day, so Elise got warm enough that the water felt good.  We put her in the shallow water and she would push off the bottom and giggle!  HA.

Elise is 9 months old!  You would know that if she would sit still for her is getting harder and harder as she gets more and more mobile.

Our 9 month old....
Has 3 teeth (one broke through yesterday)
Takes 2 naps a day
LOVES to eat big people food
Smiles all.the.time.
Is just starting to crawl
Loves to stand and play at her music table or coffee table
SCREAMS when her sister takes her toys away. 
Loves Paisley

We had another play date and picnic lunch at Wakanda.  Jill (Heather's close friend) set this one up.  So we had families from Hudson, Eau Claire, New Richmond and Menomonie.

Swimming makes you hungry!

Hadley and Finley were there,

Ashton and Aiden were there,

and Maddie and Gavin!

Thanks for setting this up Jill, it was so great to get together.  Hopefully we can squeeze one more in before summer is done!

That's all folks.  Thanks for checking in!

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