Sunday, January 13, 2013

3 Months...already

It is already the middle of January, I'm back to work and Elise is already 3 months old!  Where has the time gone?   It is hard to remember what it was like without her.  

Our little lady is a very happy baby.  She is always full of smiles and has lots to say.  Elise sleeps like a champ she goes down around 8:30-9:00pm and sleeps until 6:00-6:30am!  She is eating lots these days and growing like a weed.  Elise likes to be a part of the action.  She is sitting in her bumbo, grasping for toys  and trying to roll over!  Slow down baby girl, we don't need to rush any of these mile stones.  You can be a baby forever, in my opinion!!

 Check out those cheeks, she is filling out that is for sure!  Wondering why she has her picture taken with this giraffe every month.  I found this idea when Elle was 4 months old, so I missed a few months with her.  You take a picture each month with the same stuffed animal and watch how they grow and grow and grow in comparison to the stuffed animal!  

 Big sister likes to be a part of the action.  Each month that I have taken Elise's pictures Elle wants a sticker and her picture taken too!  

 We didn't do much this week, but Friday night we went bowling with the Sullivan's.  It was a last minute idea of Heather's, and so glad it worked out!  Elle was excited and thought her "owling" shoes were hysterical!  Look at those LONG legs...she is out growing all of her pants right now and we still have how many months of winter.  URGH.
 The bowlers ready and patiently waiting for their turn.  Bowling is so much fun, except when you have to wait for your turn.

 We all did well (considering we had the bumpers up!).  Elle got a strike and had a higher score than I did!   

Elle wanted to take pictures....after deleting about 569, the next 4 are the only good ones she got.  I deleted a lot of butt shots...your welcome Heather! :)

 Thanks for posing for the picture Patrick!

Good form Heather!
Saturday night, we headed to "Finley's House" for the pizza, and the Packer game.
The girls enjoyed their pizza at the kid table.

No other pictures from the evening, because I was on bully patrol.  Elle was not being the nicest friend and was a little over tired I think. Sorry for all of the 2 1/2 year old behavior and whining!  Hope we get invited back....

We have a busy week this week, and Elle starts gymnastics again!  She has been asking daily since I told her I signed her up...  I am excited to see how she does now that she is a little older.  Elle and Hadley will be in the class together!    

Stay warm and thanks for checking in!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Holidays

This time of year is BUSY... we have celebrated 3 out of 4 of our celebrations.  Here is a recap of our Holiday.

But first one quick picture of the goofy 2 1/2 year old....wearing mommy's boots!

Our first Christmas celebration was at Grandma Maureen and Papa Coach's!  Gift opening is always CRAZY, with 10 grandchildren opening gifts!  Everyone left with full garbage bags....we were ALL spoiled!

Elle really got into the gift opening, she loved that she got to open Elise's gifts as well!  

Ice cream was our dessert...Elle and Papa Coach snuck out early from the dice game to eat ice cream first! 

Elle put one of her girfts to use right away!  She got finger paints and paper!  This girl loves to paint!

This was our first year celebrating Christmas Eve in Eau Claire.  We usually head back to Oconto Falls, but with mom still in rehab, we stayed home.  We all really enjoyed the Christmas Eve service at church and the girls were the cutest children at church.

Elle was excited, Grandma Maureen and Papa Coach joined us for church and dinner.   I love Elise's expression, you let this crazy sister of mine hold me...

We unintentionally started a new tradition at our house.  After church, we made cookies for Santa.  Elle loved it and was so excited that she was making cookies for Santa!

Elle was feeding Grandma sprinkles.

Frosting Santa's cookies, this is serious business.

Pouring Santa milk...'Elle's favorite milk"

Elle said good-bye to Betty.  She went home with Santa when he dropped off presents.  (She still talks about Betty and how she went home with Santa!)

Santa filled the girls stockings with treats.

Santa brought and filled their very own Santa bags!  They must have made the nice list!

Santa was happy to eat the freshly baked cookies and drink "Elle's favorite milk"!

When Elle woke up (at 8:30am...) we walked her out into the living room and with all of the excitement in our voice asked if Santa came...Elle said "nope".  When you are 2 1/2 and people "come" to your house, they stay...Santa didn't come, because he wasn't still here!  It was too cute.  But after she checked her plate of cookies and saw her stocking she got a little more excited!

Santa put new sippy cups in her stocking, she had to use it right away!

 Merry Christmas!

Dig in!

We had to open and "try" every gift before moving on.  

Santa brought the girls matching jammies.

Elise got a light, musical frog from Santa - Elle tries to ride it.  Not sure why!?!

She loved the playground set Santa brought for her doll house!  We play with it daily.  It came with a set of swings, slide, dog house and dog!  Perfect in Elle's world.

It was a chilly Christmas morning...

Mom and Dad got Elle dress up clothes - she tried each outfit on! - not!

Elise fell asleep about 1/2 way through gift opening.  It is a lot of working watching your sister open all of your presents.

More dress-up stuff.

Elise got pacifiers for when she is older in her stocking.  Elle tested them and they work....

A "princess" out fit.  Yes, I know, we said we would never call our little girl princess.  But when that is what your child likes, you go with it.  We still do NOT call her princess, but let her watch and play princess.  Plus, what girlie, girl doesn't want to dress in pretty dresses, high heels and crowns?? 

We had pancakes for breakfast!  Not sure why Elle doesn't have any clothes on, but it is a common thing at this house.  She would prefer to be naked!

Still sleeping from all of the gift opening.

After pancakes, we quickly cleaned up, threw the girls in the car and headed east!  We surprised my parents at the hospital!  They were so surprised and we were so happy to spend Christmas day with them!

Elle, Elise and Grampa talking about Santa's visit.  It just wouldn't have felt like Christmas to me if I wasn't with my parents!  We spent the afternoon visiting, then headed to their house to sleep.  We made a quick visit in the morning and then headed home.  We will be doing our family Christmas in the next couple weeks, because we are hopeful that Gramma will be going home this Wednesday!!!  Keep your fingers crossed for us!  

Our third celebration was a Papa Bill and Sue's house.  Last year, Sue baked cookies and let the kids frost and decorate them  Elle didn't really "get" it , but this year she loved it!

Daddy took a little lick of the frosting that had dripped on the table...monkey see, monkey do! 

After a delicious dinner, we headed into the family room for gifts.  The kids liked Papa Bill's holiday beanie babies.

Elise was telling Papa Bill a story.

Time for presents...the kids were waiting patiently.

Elle got a big wheel!  I can't wait for this summer, she is going to tear up the sidewalks!  David and I have fond memories of our big wheels and hope that Elle enjoys this one just as much as we did.

The annual family pictures.  They seem to grow by a child each year!  Maybe this year was the last year for that?!?!

We got out the Bumbo for Elise to try....and look who thinks she should sit and eat in it.   Elle still loves anything baby and has to try all of Elise's toys and gadgets.  

 We spent our New Years Eve at the Sullivan ranch.  I think this is the 3rd annual family friendly party.  I am so glad we have a place to go, socialize and wear the kids out.  Elle had a blast playing with all of Finley and Hadley's toys!  When I told her it was time to go (at 10:00pm) she said "no go home, mommy!"  I personally love this party, because yoga pants and sweatshirts are the required attire!  Score!!

Thank you Heather and Patrick for opening your home to us again this year!

 Dave was able to stay a little longer this year!  He enjoyed all of the  yummy food before heading to work.

Happy baby girl.  Elise is such a happy baby.  She smiles all.the.time.   She loves watching her big sister and "talking" to her!  The bond of sisterhood has begun and I hope it only gets (and stays) strong!

 New Years Day, we headed to Menomonie to play with the boys.  Ashton was tired from all of the partying, and went down for a nap early, so we only have the 3.  Dressed in red to cheer on the Badgers.

 Elle was showing Aiden how to cook.  Her new favorite app is the easy bake oven app.  She can bake cookies, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and pizzas!  (Thank you Sue!)

 Elle got new tub crayons and put "lipstick" on....

 Today, we met Adam, Amy and the boys at a hotel for a dip.  Elle and I went to the Y swimming last week and she asks almost daily to go.  So when Amy said you can swim for $2 bucks at the Quality Inn, we said we were in!  We had the pool to ourselves.  The kids had a blast and took great naps this afternoon!

 Elle was brave and started to jump in.

Elise even braved the water!  She loves bath time and I knew she would love the pool, she "swam" for about 20 minutes!  (not sure what is going on with the next two pictures...can't get them to cooperate)

 Daddy and his girls.
I am back to work now....urgh.  But I have to say the first three days went well.  I was on my own getting the three of us out the door in the morning.  I had everything in the car, my lunch packed and in fridge, everyone's clothes set out and ready to get dressed so all I had to do in the morning was get myself ready (before the girls got up), feed Elise and dress both of them.  Elise did great at Paulette's and Elle loved having her there!  I was more worried about getting out of the house then work and both went better than expected!   I know we will have our bad mornings, but I am optimistic that this will be easier than I thought!  

Thanks for checking in!  Happy New Year everyone!