Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Elle!

Our Baby girl turned three. I don't remember life without her.  She has brought so much joy to our lives.  Elle is a very loving, happy, independent, girlie girl.

Some of Elle's favorites are:
Food - hotdogs, chicken nuggets, raspberries, yogurt, cucumbers, sausage/crackers, grilled cheese, cinnamon toast, MILK
Toys - anything that has to do with princesses, barbies, dollies and pretend play.  She LOVES to play outside, swing, swim, draw with chalk, play t-ball, ride her bike and roller skate.
Elle has become a "bag lady".  Her newest obsession is to put anything and everything in a ziploc bag.  She has put her dolls, beach blankets, beads, baseballs, baseball glove, stickers, name it, she has put it in a bag.  Too funny!
Elle Marie has also recently gotten into art.  She loves to color, paint, cut, glue, use stickers, and beads.
Clothes - anything PINK and/or SPARKLY!
Color - you guessed it PINK!

Elle got a special doughnut breakfast on her birthday!  Love this girl.

 Elle got to choose what she wanted to do on her birthday.  She picked the Children's museum, we haven't been there ALL summer.  Good choice Elle.  I think she could have stayed there ALL day.  She was loving it.  We will have to make more trips before summers end.  Ashton and Aiden joined us too!

 Elise was loving the toddler park and the padded circle area for people "just her size".

 Doing push ups to make those arms and legs stronger for crawling.

What isn't there to love about this little lady.
 Love this smiley baby girl!

Hey, who's that????

 See mom, I can play with the big kids too....

 The water is always a big hit.

 Elle must always stop for a drink too.  She thinks that the low drinking fountain and toilet are "just for her"!  Too sweet.

 Elise was breaking the rules and had a little snack while playing.  You can do those things when you are 9 months old and this cute!

Do we have a musician on our hands?

 Time to make an art project.  We were making flags.  

Working on using those scissors.  She is pretty good, I am just so worried that she is going to cut herself.

The boys came over for Elle's pick of lunch - hot dogs, mac-n-cheese and Mandarin oranges.   They brought a gift!  UNO animals.  We are excited to play it when Elise is taking a nap.

When daddy got home and we had another Elle pick for dinner - pizza.  It was time for our gifts.  I think we spoiled her just a's so hard not to!

A Barbie that you can do her hair.


A new PINK bike helmet.

 It fits!  And lots more....

After gifts, we headed to Culver's for PINK ice cream.  Good thing I grabbed the right color candles. :)

Elle got a new seat for her babies to ride in on her bike.  We put that on and her new helmet and went for a ride.

 We had a small family birthday celebration on Saturday.  The theme was from the movie Tangled.  Come get tangled up in fun at Elle's 3rd birthday.

Good 'ol pinterest was to blame for most of the ideas for this party.  It all started with a tower cake...Everyone had a part.  I baked and frosted the cake. Maureen did the grass frosting.  I put the donuts, cupcake tower on.  Dave and Maureen did the moss on the tower and I added Rapunzel's braid.  PHEW....

 The finished project!  Complete with flowers in the meadow under the tower.

We also had Pascal party blowers.  Rapuzel's braids and Rapunzel's paints.

We put the finishing touches on the cake while Elle was napping.  Here is her reaction when she first saw the cake!  Too cute.

Elle and gramma telling everyone how old she is!

So excited for her party!

 Poor Elise was passed around...mommy and daddy were busy with party stuff.  Sorry baby girl.  It is your turn next! :)

 Thank you to all of our family that made the drive from the cities to help us celebrate Elle's birthday!  She loved having all of you there!

Gramma and Grampa enjoying watching the kids play.

 Jump, jump...JUmp

Jenna and Easton


Ashton sporting a Rapunzel braid!  HA

 Elise was tired...lots going on!

 Time to eat.  It was a great night to enjoy sitting outside.

 The birthday girl with one of her favorites...Reagan!

Da Boyz!

Uncle Adam supervising the kid table.

Num, Num....

 Princess Elle waiting to open her presents.

She had lots of helpers!

Elle was definetly spoiled!  Thank you for all of the thoughtful, fun gifts!

Uncle Adam gave the tutu a try.  Its a good look for you...

Ashton tried the tiara...I think Elle is rubbing off on him a little.  ;)

Elise and grampa were playing during the gift opening.

Time for cake! 

 Make a wish!

 If you have ever seen the movie Tangled, they set off lanterns each year on Rapunzel's birthday.  So it was only fitting that we set off lanterns on Elle's birthday.  We did one while everyone was still there...

Make a wish.

Dressed in her princess gown and tiara, doing what she loves most...swinging!

And now onto the new roller skates!

 Elise was a party animal, but zonked out snuggling with Auntie Amy! 

Before my parents, and the Wamboldt's left, we set off another lantern one in the dark.  These things are so cool.  It was so neat to watch it float away...

It is hard to believe that we just celebrated Elle's 3rd birthday.  Many people say that threes are harder than twos.  Well, Elle has been testing that within the first week of being 3!  She has decided she doesn't like to nap, or go to bed.  She has been coming out of her room (which she has never done before).  She told Paulette, that "mommy said I don't have to take naps anymore".  What?!?!  Not out of my mouth.  She has also thrown some pretty good fits.  I am hoping it is just the heat and we will be moving on! :)

Even though she is testing us, these last few days, we still love you Elle Marie.  Thank you for being so silly,  cute, giver of the best hugs and kisses, independent and caring!  We love you to the moon and back!

And now we are off to the County of Door.  34 years strong!  Check back for our latest adventures camping with TWO small children.

(I did two posts tonight...keep reading for a 4th of July update as well)

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