Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baptism and Blizzard

Time to decorate.  Elle was a good helper for about 10 minutes. She redecorates our tree daily as well.  All "Elle approved" ornaments are at the bottom of the tree and the pretty ones are at the top.  I think our tree is a little top heavy this year!

 Looking for the perfect spot for her "peanut" ornament.  We always call her our peanut..fitting

 Found it!  It has since moved about 10 times.

 We headed to Irvine park for the Christmas light display.  You can walk or drive through.  Elle is so in love with Christmas lights that I thought she would enjoy walking through.  She did and screamed when we left!  I am a little nervous about January...we won't have anything to look at when driving home from daycare!  Seriously, the girl is a hawk for "Frosty and Santa"!!!

 The first weekend in December, I braved the 3 hour trip to Oconto Falls by myself to meet up with my ladies, their kids and a few moms!  I planned 4 hours for our trip, an hour stop to play and eat at McDonald's.  Well our 1 hour stop turned into 2 hours.....making our overall trip 5 hours.  Why 2 hours?  Elle is shy (she didn't get that from me!) and won't play in play areas when there are LOUD, older children.  When we got there, there was only 1 girl and her dad, perfect. Well, more kids, loud kids, came in before Elle was done eating. So she couldn't even eat.  Finally the kids left, Elle ate and then wanted to play.  We have now been at McDonald's from 1 1/2 hours - time for me to go potty.  3 of us in a stall at McDonald's.  Not something I want to do anytime again soon!  Get to the car and change 2 poopie diapers (one a blow out, thank you Elise).  Now I still have to nurse Elise!  Seriously...but I wanted Elle to eat and play so that she slept the rest of the way and SHE DID!!!

5 hours later, we arrived to a house full of girls!  Thank you for hosting Cheryl!  Elle and Cami (who are only 4 weeks apart) played with Grandma Cheryl's barn.

 Baby Audrey (3months old) (left) and Baby Kate (6months old) (right) were talking!

 Adele was in heaven snuggling Elise!

 Liza got in a snuggle with Elle!

 Silly cowgirl, riding the plastic horse!  It was so great to see all of my ladies and kids!  At one point there were 3 of us nursing kids.  Beth's moms comment was the best - 10 years ago we were nursing hangovers and now onto children!  Ha. Its the truth!

 Back home... some nights both girls scream at the same time.  How do you handle it?  Well, Dave gets his radio head phones that he wears while cutting the grass.  Nice.

 St. Nick stopped by the Rueber house.  We must have to good girls this year.  When I was a kid, we always put our shoes by the back door.  Elle got so many treats, St. Nick put them in a bag!

 What was in the bag?  A Rudolph nose that lights up (picture isn't showing it)...

 new playdough tools, "lipstick" (strawberry lip gloss), a coloring book, and fun socks!
Elise got new pacifiers and pacifier clips....not nearly as exciting as Elle's!

 December 9th was a big day for Elise.  Not only did she turn 2 months old, but she was baptized.  And of course our first snow storm came that morning!  (a foot of snow by the end of the storm)  I was a wreck all morning,!  I wanted everyone to be safe, but I wanted everyone there too!  I am happy to report that everyone made it here and home safely.  It just took everyone a little longer!  Thank you to all of our family for braving the weather!  We have now crossed this weekend off for the Wamboldt family - 2 years ago, it was Amy's baby shower where 20+ inches of snow fell!  Not a good weekend for our family.

With Gramma in the hosptial, we had the iPad so that Gramma and Grampa could be a part of the day.  I don't typically bring it to church and allow Elle to play with it!  I was very emotional right before the baptism began.  I was so glad that everyone made it and that Maureen has "portable" wi-fi so that Gramma and Grampa could witness this special day in Elise's life!  

 Elise was excellent, not a peep and she slept through the whole thing!

 Elise wore the baptismal gown that Elle wore.  It was made by my Gramma, it is very special and beautiful!

 Elle was tired and played with all of the toys...again I don't let her play with my phone during church.  I had it out because of the weather
 Love this!  Kisses for Aiden!

 Elise woke up after the service and was a happy girl!

 Our little family!

 Elise's God parents Adam & Amy and Jeff & Sue

 Papa Bill, Sue and the kids!  

 Papa Coach and Grandma Maureen.

 Playing before lunch was ready.  Elle was screaming because she had to watch the Viking game....
(I actually have no clue why she is screaming, but I do when I have to watch the Vikings!)

 So this is what it was doing ALL day of the baptism.  We headed outside after dinner to play!

 Teaching Elle how to make a snow angel.

 Helping daddy shovel...

 Hmm...maybe I should use my wheelbarrow?  

 Too much snow, it got stuck!

 Elise May is 2months old already!  Where has the time gone????

 Elise is now smiling lots (still trying to catch it on camera!).  She is also sleeping through the night!!  Horray!

Monday was a snow day for schools in the area.  As you can tell, the snow was past Elle's knees!
 She's going down.....

 and she couldn't get up...


 Reagan was out playing too!

 Back inside, we needed to warm up with some hot chocolate!

 Sister snuggles are the best.  Lets just hope they always like each other this much and will continue to sit this close... sometimes! :)

If you are just finding this new blog link, please continue to read.  There is a thanksgiving entry below!  Look at that...two updates in one day!  That's a record....okay just me panicking because I am so behind! :)

With one week until Christmas, it is operation wrap at this house!  I am going to enjoy my last days of leave....gulp!  I cringe just thinking about doing ALL of this and working.  But I have to remember, I am not the first working mother of two.  It HAS been done before! :)  It will just take some adjusting!

You found us!

You found us!  Why a new blog?  Blogger (google) only allows you to upload so many pictures and then you have to purchase space.  I am trying not to have to buy space (because I am so not good at keeping this thing updated!).  So after talking to a very dedicated blogger (Heather you know I'm talking about you!), I decided to make a new domain.  I do think it is kind of fitting to have a new blog now that it is no long just Elle Marie!

So onto what we have been up to in December.  Well, A LOT of sickness!  We have had the stomach flu, pink eye, high fevers (of 105.2), influenza and a constant cold!  I think we will be healthy in 2013 when I am back to work! Keeping my fingers crossed!

 Elle loves helping and will offer to help feed Elise a bottle.  

Proud big sis.

Before everyone showed up for Thanksgiving, I got a quick "Turkey Trot" in.  Melissa and I walked the 2 mile walk.  It was a gorgeous morning - 50+ degrees!  Melissa let me borrow their Burley (ours is only a 1 seater) with the baby harness.  So I bundled the girls up, strapped them in and off we went!  Melissa and I would like to make this an annual event for us.  Our goal is to run the 5 mile next year!  We'll see - I'm not a "runner".  But a good goal!

Gramma and Grampa made the trip over for Thanksgiving.  Gramma was sure to get in some Elise snuggles.

Elise was decked out in her turkey gear - turkey feet and all. 

BIG STRETCH before a big dinner. Okay, maybe next year Elise.

Elle was helping Grampa get the meal ready....

M&M's and chex mix are a part of every Thanksgiving meal right?!?

So we hosted for the 4th year in a row.  Each year the number we serve grows.  This year it was 10 adults and 7 children (under the age of 6)!  Many of you know, we do NOT have a big was tight!  But I believe everyone left with full tummies!  

Playing with  before the meal.

Grandma Maureen found this silly turkey balloon.  The kids L.O.V.E.D. it!  And it is still floating to this day.  I think it might make it until Easter! :)

The "grown-up" table in the living room.  Brock was so excited he got to eat the the grown-up table!

And the kid table (with parental supervision)!   Not sure where we are going to put Elise next year?!?!

Time for the pie.  Well none of the kids wanted/liked pie, so I had back-up ice cream.  It was a hit! 

Jeff and Sue no longer use/need their double stroller and are letting us use it.  It has been a life saver....but it is like pushing a bus!  I thankfully haven't run into to many things yet! Ha.  Elle thought it was great to ride around the house in.

Thanksgiving done, onto the next holiday.  Elle got her very own Christmas tree this year.  We went with an artificial tree.  One less tree to remember to water and worry that she will spill the water.

Elle loved decorating it.  She actually "redecorates" it on a daily basis.  Thank goodness for shatter proof ornaments in fun girlie colors.  And yes a Tu-tu is necessary when you decorate your tree!
With all of the Christmas decorations out, Elle had to "try" them out!  We have a wooden advent calendar and she thought it was a new doll house! 

Even the dollhouse toilet was in a door!

Santa's in our house are treated with care - they too get their diapers changed!

Santa also gets to nap in the swing with a blanket!

 Candles mean birthdays when you are 2 1/2.  So Elle stood at the window and sang Happy Birthday.  I told her we were celebrating Jesus' birthday.  So she sang to him!  It was too cute and I tried to get it on video, but as any child she clammed up! Bummer...
Sunday we headed to Pleasant Valley for the second time of the season for our tree.  It was the debut of snow pants and boots.  Elle thought they were so funny, she kept saying "snow pants,  hahaha!"  Elle boots, hahaha".  What a ham!
The three big kids ready and waiting for the tractor and wagon to take us out to the field.  

And we are off!  It was a cold day - big difference from Thanksgiving day!

Elise was all bundled up in the bjorn - she slept the entire time we were there!  

The two cutest girls I know!  

Okay, 4 kids, 4 adults we can do this.....

Great action shot of Ashton...this happened A LOT!  The uneven terrain got all of us, especially the short legged ones!

We "hunted" for Adam/Amy's tree first and when it was our turn, Elle was D.O.N.E.  no pictures, no pictures...Love Dave's face.  I believe someone had just said - Merry Christmas!
There is NOT one good picture of us in front of our tree this year...maybe next year!

Uncle Adam to the rescue - he is strong!  Those two alone are not light....
Here come the boys and our tree!

After finding the perfect tree, we went inside to warm up with hot chocolate and popcorn! lucky to live so close and do all these fun family traditions together!  I love seeing them light up when they see each other. 

And guess who else was at Pleasant Valley??? Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Elle was nervous but not freaked!  Progress from last year.

Santa wanted a high five, Mommy had to give him one first.  

Santa wanted a hug.  Mommy had to give him one first....but Elle never did give him a hug!

A picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus, only if mommy was with!  She's not smiling, but she isn't crying either!
Ashton and Aiden, were a little skeptical as well, but again no tears or running away.

Santa had candy canes too...yummy!  Cold, sticky fingers, cheeks and coats!

Pleasant Valley also has a live nativity.  We went to look and pet the animals.

This girl had enough at the tree farm...time to head home for lunch and a nap!

Glad you found us!  Thanks for checking in.  I am working on another post...who knows when it will be done!  I'm not making any promises!