Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer is Here!!

I am officially on summer vacation (but have a 2 day training to go to tomorrow).  We have spent our first few days at home outside and in the sun!

Elle loves to play dress up and do hair (when it is her choice), Dad was the model this week!  Check out those cute clips....they match your outfit Dave!

 Grandma Maureen brought Elle a tractor.  She had it at her house for the grandkids to use, but we don't get there enough.  So Elle and Elise are so lucky to get it.  Elle choose to wear her pink flamigo outfit with big fluffy tutu skirt - the perfect outfit for driving a tractor.  Love our girlie girl, who isn't afraid of getting dirty!

 First official day of vacation was nice and sunny.  We filled the pool up and splashed!  Nice face Elle.

 Surprise...Ashton and Aiden stopped over after their morning trip to Irvine for a dip and some lunch.  It was a fun surprise and made the morning fly by!  Thanks for stopping over.

 Friday we met Finley and Hadley at our first park play date!  It again was a nice sunny morning.  It was quiet for the first 1/2 hour and then it got real busy...lots of daycare kids.  Time for us to leave!

Snack time...

Friday night we headed to Menomonie for Daddy's baseball game.  Yes tutus are a required uniform for ball games!?!

 Elle found Nana Kathy with a bag of popcorn.  We love Nana Kathy, she is always there to help out and share treats! :)

Elise has some treats too...crackers - there was even a cracker flapping in her nostril - gross!  

Today was a true summer day, sunny, hot and spent outside ALL DAY.  Lunch and dinner were eaten on the deck and ice cream to end the night.

 We had a water balloon fight today. Elle started by throwing them on the ground.  Then we taught her how to chase people and get them.  :)  Bad idea, I ended up the most wet of the bunch.  Fun times.

Happy Father's Day Daddy....

 Just missed!

 Nice form Elle.


Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there.  I know that we enjoyed our day as a family, hope everyone got to do the same.  Can't wait to celebrate with my own dad  next weekend.

Peace out,
The Ruebers


Sisters are for.....



making a band

 playing games (and in today's age that means on and i pad...)

 sharing a the sink

 or in the tub 

helping blow out candles when it isn't your birthday

wearing matching clothes (that you get from the best daycare mommy ever!)

 wagon rides

 playing with each others' toys

roasting marshmallows

Elle and Elise and have a great sister bond and I hope that it is continue!  It is so much fun to watch how Elle makes Elise smile and Elise makes Elle smile.  We are going to have so much fun watching them grow into little ladies.

Elise May

Poor Elise....she will think that her mother didn't love her and didn't update the world each week about how she is doing!  Our baby girl is already 8 months old.

Here are a few pictures from 4 months on....sorry Elise, Mommy does love you and wants the world to know how and what you are doing! :)

Big sister Elle is the best entertainment a little sister could ask for.

Look at those beautiful big blue (some days green) eyes.

Four months old and here is how she stacks up....
14lbs 4oz 59%
24.5 inches long 58%
head circumference 18%

A warmer, winter day we headed outside for a winter swing.  Despite the look, she really enjoyed it!

Time to try some "real" baby food.  She HATED it!  I mean, awful face, spit it out,shake her head HATED it!  And continued to hate it until about 7 months! :)  Elise loved.her.some.bottle!

Bath time with two smalls ones, taking two separate baths was a LONG process.  It was so nice that they can take a bath together.  Elise loves watching Elle play and kicking in the tub.

Elise always wants to be a part of the action. 

5 months old and wondering why we always take pictures with that silly giraffe...

More and more round everyday and remember this is ALL from formula!   Rolls are cute when you are 5 months old!  

Elise got two teeth March 11th!  And she still only has two teeth! ;)

Sitting.  Elise started sitting Easter weekend and loves to be independent.  I love that we can set her down with some toys and she will be happy.
The girls and I took a road trip over my Spring break to Gramma and Grampa's house.  My gramma, aunts came up to meet Elise.  Great Gramma was in heaven holding Elise!  


Really, you keep trying to feed me and you know I don't like it.  She learned to shake her head NO by about 5 months old.  Dr. says keep trying, it must be a texture thing.  I was ready to throw in the towel...this girl is going to drink from a bottle until she goes to college....

Saturday before Easter it was Elise's turn to go through a little pain for beauty.  We got her ears pierced!  I think EVERYONE in the store watched! :)

Look at David's face...excited!  Elise....terrified!  Ha!

This looks much worse than it really is.  He isn't holding her head that hard...just stabilizing it so she didn't move.  Check out the 10 year old that did it....seriously.  But all is well, they have been pierced for 4+ months and no problems.

All done....time to eat and take a nap!  Phew, that was rough.

6 months and full of smiles and more rolls! :)
19lbs 5oz 92% (Elle was 19lbs when she was one!)
26 3/4 inches 75%
head circumference 44%

Let's try milk from a sippy since we STILL don't like food.  It looks cute, but she hates that too! :)  She is a girl that knows what she wants.

Fun playing dress up, when she doesn't know how to take things off!

7 months old!

Our happy, chunky monkey!  It is getting more and more challenging to take a picture with the giraffe.  

Finally warm weather...not really.  I think it snowed after this picture!  What a Spring, so glad it is warm outside and we can play, play, play!

Baby girl loves to sleep on her tummy!

Elise finally likes food and now we have to cut her off!  She is eating baby food and some table food.  She has eaten crackers, watermelon, banana, carrots, pears, and noodles.  Bring on the table food!  

Big sister is never far off.  Elle is so proud of Elise eating big food like her.  Elle also loves talking about what food Elise can and cannot eat.

Nom, Nom, Nom!

My feed her.  I cringe when she does this.  Elise is smiling from ear to ear...but all I picture is the spoon going down her throat.

8 months and loving life!  She isn't quite crawling yet, but the girl can roll to get whatever she wants!

Getting to know Elise...

Elise takes two naps a day.   A short 45 minute morning nap and a longer 2 hour afternoon nap.
Elise sleeps like a champ ALL night long!
Elise is almost always smiling!  She is a very happy baby girl!
Elise loves to grab for anything that her big sister has....even her hair! 
Elise loves to bounce, on you and in her jumperoo.
Elise doesn't like when you leave her in the room along....don't try and sneak out, she knows!
Elise loves to be in the water, bathtub or pool...doesn't matter!

We love you Elise May and don't remember what our life was like before you!  You bring a smile to our faces everyday!  Love you to the moon and back!