Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stayin' Busy!!

We have been able to keep ourselves v.e.r.y. busy!  I am so happy that the sun is finally out and we are able to enjoy the weather.  If it was up to Elle she would spend her entire day on the swing set and trampoline.  Most days we eat lunch and dinner outside...some days we even eat breakfast on the deck!
We have been able to get together with lots of friends (okay, my friends with kids :))  I hope that we are able to continue to enjoy the rest of the summer!

Of course there are always those days that it rains....What do you do on a rainy day?  Paint!

Elise is too little to paint, so she gets to get some work done on the lab top while Elle paints.

Elise is so, so close to crawling.  I mean so close.  She has figured out that she can roll to get what she wants.  The only problem with that is you get stuck under different pieces of furniture in the house....

Peek-a-boo sister....Ha I can come and get you.  But then I got stuck!

Two weekends ago, gramma and grampa came over for a visit.  We headed to Adam and Amy's for dinner and a fire.  After dinner, we went for a walk down the street.  The views from their road are beautiful, so peaceful.

Gramma was holding a beverage for someone.... promise NO drinking after a liver transplant!

The kids were entertained by the puddles.  I think they could have thrown rocks in the puddles ALL night long.  I am just happy that no one got hit in the back of the head.

The whole gang....lets just say it was a very slow walk down the street. 

 Aiden found a fishing pole! Goof ball.

 This brought tears to my eyes!  Gramma was beyond happy to be able to go for a walk and then to walk arm and arm with two grandkids....heaven!  It is just so amazing how much she has gone through and how far she has come.  She is back to "normal" and able to do almost everything she could before (with caution of course).  We are so lucky to have such a strong gramma (and grampa along her side) that fought and fought to get healthy!


Uncle Dave thought he would show the kids how far he could throw.

He made a big splash in the big puddle.  And then, he had to throw about 20 more!  I tried too, but won't mention how far I threw it! ;)

 We headed to the back yard for a bonfire.  Elle planted herself next to her favorite...grampa!

Since Adam and Amy don't have a yard yet, the kids wore rain boots so they could walk around.  We got a blanket and baby toys out for Elise to play with and the big kids ended up playing with them...

 Elise was sure not to miss any action....trying to stay awake and drinking a bottle.  Just kidding!!

Sunday, we headed to gramma and grampas.  Elle had her 3 year old pictures Monday morning back home.  Of course, gramma got out the tub of dolls and dress up clothes.  Our cute chef was going to help grampa grill.

 Elise enjoyed playing with the dolls too.  She especially like the Jonathon (New Kids on the Block) doll...she like older men! 

Grampa got out Adam's old (heavy, metal) tractor for Elle to ride on.  Notice where she is sitting.  She couldn't quite reach the pedals, but she loved driving it around.

 Night time snuggles with Gramma!  Too sweet, wish we were there more often!  Or that they would just move closer! :)  

We headed back Monday after pictures, because Elle and Hadley took a 3 day dance class this past week.  Elle really enjoyed the class.  This was a good sampler to see if Elle could do a longer class.  I think this was good for this year and next year we will try a longer class!  When dance was done Elle asked if she could do gymnastics again.  So looks like we have a girly girl on our hands.  Love it!


Elle was sure to always stay close to her teacher.

 Hop, hop, hop

Staying close.  

Right next to her teacher....

 Standing in the front just like her teacher.

Getting ready to sashay across the room.  

 Tiptoeing like a mouse.

Elle's turn to jump over the mat. 

They were suppose to jump over one leg at a time.  Elle went with both feet.  Nice work girl, you made it, but lets try that again.

there we go!

They did lots of fun interactive songs.  This one was about a fish that goes swimming and of course sleeps.

And they went swimming, and swimming...

 After the last class, we made a stop at the wiener mobile that was touring Eau Claire.  What a fun ride!

We were there while the "Gordy's Guru" was filming a commercial and asked if our kids would be in the commercial.  Absolutely!

When the guru was done talking, the kids were suppose to cheer....that didn't happen!  Although, Elle did blow here wiener whistle!  I haven't seen the commercial yet, but keep watching.

Next stop after the wiener mobile, Finley and Hadley's house.  We got out water toys...water table, sprinkler and slip-n-slide.

Taking a little break from the water for a swing.

 Finley was up first....

 YAHOOOOO  Nice ride!

 Elle's turn...



 Brrrr...that springkler water is cold!  They were warming up in the sun.

 Back to the water table.  Thanks for the fun morning of water play!  We are loving our summer play dates!!!!

 Poor Elise has been chewing on everything in sight.  It seems like teeth should be coming in, but nothing yet.  So to ease the pain, I gave her 1/2 a freezy pop.  That's what happens with the second child.  I KNOW for a FACT that Elle did NOT have a freezy pop until she was at least one!!!  HA

Elise does all that she can to get what she wants.  One of these days girly and you will be moving!  She was happy this Friday morning pulling clean laundry out of the laundry basket.

 Friday, we met up with a co-worker and her kids.  Angie, Taryn, Carter and Mikayla met us at Irvine for a morning of animals and a picnic lunch.  First stop was by the ducks, I remembered bread to fee them.

Elle thought the peacock was pretty cool!

Mikayla (13) was such a huge help with Elise.  She pushed the stroller the entire time and took Elise everywhere...pushed her in the swing!  It was so nice and Elise L.O.V.E.D. her!  

 After the animals, we stopped at the play ground before lunch.

 Again, it has been so fun to get out and have play dates!  The rain cut our trip a little short,  but still was a good morning!

 Friday night, we headed to Menomonie for "Daddy's baseball game".  We came bearing gifts.  

 Baseball gloves!!!

So sweet!  And they were entertained the entire game...well Ashton and Aiden left after 9 innings and we stayed for the entire 14 inning (no that is not a typo) game that we ended up losing.  Bummer!

Sunday, we headed to Lake Altoona for Finley's 5th birthday celebration of water fun and boating!  (I didn't get one picture of the birthday boy....sorry Finley)  But check out these two cuties. Elle is wearing another color than pink!


Elise is wanting us to stop so, she doesn't have to sit that close to her sister...

Finley's cousins' brought their HUGE water slide.  Elle loved it and went down about 100 times.  She was fearless!

We headed out for a boat ride.  It was a beautiful day on the lake.

Elise was such a good baby all day long.  She played and played and napped with daddy in the shade!  

 To end the party, we made s'mores.  Finley's grandma got these new square marshmallows made for s'mores.  They were HUGE and this is what Elle looked like after ONE bite!!!  Yummy, sticky marshmallow in her hair!

Thanks for a great party Finley, I can't believe you are 5...where did the time go??

We are so happy to be enjoying our summer!  We plan to make the most of our time at home!  Stay tuned...

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  1. Aw-I'm so happy your mom is doing well and that she is able to keep up with all her busy grandbabies!!!